Monte Rosso extra virgin olive oil is oil of the highest quality made from olives grown in our own grove at Crveni Vrh/Monte Rosso near Savudrija in Istria. Our basic oil is a selection of carefully chosen olive varieties that were planted on our estate at the beginning of 2009: Istrian Belica, Leccino, Pendolino, Maurino, Ascolana, and Picholine. In addition to this selection, our offer includes the single-variety oil made of Istrian Belica, which is the most typical autochthonous variety of olive trees from Istria and perfectly reflects the region from which it originates.

The exceptional geographical position for olive-growing, daily care for the groves throughout the year, early controlled harvesting when the olives are ideally ripe, and their processing within a few hours using the latest technology for olive processing, the highest respect for nature, and a philosophy of achieving the highest possible quality of oil enable us to produce olive oil equal in quality to the best olive oils from around the world year after year.

This year’s oil is no different: rich in polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants, with a wide spectrum of fresh green aromas and flavours, not lacking in mild spiciness and expectation of pleasant bitterness, and which as such can satisfy the expectations of the most demanding epicures and fans of olive oil with a clearly developed taste.


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EVOO Monte Rosso 2014
Flos Olei – 85/100 (catalog 2016)
EVOO Monte Rosso 2015
Flos Olei – 85/100 (catalog 2017) Oleum Olivarum, Krasica, Buje – gold medal EVOOLEUM, Cordoba – gold medal, Top 10 Brand
EVOO Monte Rosso 2016
Flos Olei – 87/100 (catalog 2018) EVOOLEUM, Cordoba – gold medal NYIOOC, New York – gold medal Noćnjak, Hvar – gold medal Vinistra, Poreč – gold medal Zlata oljčna vejica, Izola – gold award

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