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In 2006, having been business partners for several years, we embarked on a new business venture dictated by our passion for wine, history, and nature. On a rocky cape by Savudrija, overgrown with maquis, parts of which had never before been cultivated, we found a space on which our ideas merged into one in the following years. In addition to its exceptional position, we were persuaded by the peculiarity of the area where the vicinity of the sea creates a special microclimate, dry and windy, which drastically decreases the amount of precipitation, which is beneficial for heathy growth of both the vines and olive trees.

We entered the market in 2016 with the Monterosso Malvazija 2015 wine and the several-times-rewarded Monte Rosso extra virgin olive oil. In May 2017, we offered to the market our Monterosso Nero 2015 made from the grapes of the montepulciano vine, while in the autumn of the same year our cellars produced the first bottles of the Monterosso Classico sparkling wine.

Our mission is to create top-quality products and experiences in the historically rich and geographically unified region of Istria.


Davor Dubokovič

Davor Dubokovič

»Every time I walk the estate, I realise why I stepped into this story with all my heart and soul, in the process often intentionally ignoring what my head was telling me.« 

Monte Rosso literally changed my view of the world. We were often removing rocks and maquis from the impassable land with our bare hands. We created all this that you can see today from practically nothing. I’m grateful for the amazing team that shares this vision with me, takes care of the estate, and nurtures the trees giving us high-quality fruit.

Uroš Gorjanc

Uroš Gorjanc

»If it were possible, I’d move here permanently and work on the estate.«

Our vision is to make Monte Rosso a synonym for top-quality products established on the international market. The Monte Rosso Estate will be devoted to relaxation in a typically Istrian grove of olive trees, vines, and fruit trees, and degustation of products provided by the red soil rich in healthy minerals.

Raul Calcina

Raul Calcina

»I’m proud to have been given a unique opportunity to participate in such an extensive project from the very beginning.«

I’m an Istrian, which means that I grew up in an environment that has been historically intertwined with Croatian, Slovenian, and Italian culture. That is Monte Rosso. The project respects the cultural heritage of the land. Our wine is made in the vicinity of the estate, but in Italy, with the renowned neighbouring winemaker Edi Kante.



We bring together the three lands of the geographically unified region. We respect the multicultural area and the harmony of the Croatian, Slovenian, and Italian cultures.

Responsibility towards nature

We behave responsibly towards nature, respect it and preserve it in its primal beauty.


We contribute to the development of the region, create new jobs, and breathe new life into the village.


We uncompromisingly strive for the highest quality of our products.


All the creators of the Monte Rosso brand have worked with passion from the very beginning when we created marvellous groves of olives, vines, and fruit trees from rock and scrub.

Crveni Vrh 38 – Monte Rosso 38

52475 Savudrija – Salvore

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Monte Rosso Estate

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